Izar Ormazabal


I am 9 years old and I am from Donostia in the Basque Country.
I started longboarding at the age of 5 and soon after I switched to ramp skating.
I love skating with my friends and traveling with the van to new places discovering skateparks, going to championships or events and meeting new friends.
I am inspired by creative skaters like Andy Anderson or Bryce Wettstein and I want to one day skate like them.
Drawing is his second great passion, he attends a course weekly and much of his free time is spent drawing or releasing his creativity with crafts or other handmade things.
Animals is another thing that excites him, at home we have dogs and cats and he spends time playing with them. The relationship he has with our boarder collie is very special.
Otherwise she likes the same things as a child her age, playing and being with her friends, building with Lego, star wars, riding a bicycle, etc.
We also travel regularly with our campervan along beaches or to the mountains and we take the opportunity to visit and meet new skateparks. Izar is very nice so she is always making new skater friends wherever we go.
But skateboarding is his great passion and if we have time and it does not rain or cold, we will skate through different skateparks in the environment.
She enjoys a lot when we go to local events where he coincides with skater friends from other cities or towns or when we meet them to spend the day.
As a skateboarder she is progressing very well and is skilled and creative. He likes to skate in mini ramp, bowl, street, freestyle or old school tricks (I skated something in the 80’s and I still remember some tricks).
We also skate with carvers or surfskate and enjoy walking around the city like that.
Currently his reference skaters are Andy Anderson and Bryce Westtein and you can watch their videos again and again to notice their tricks.
He currently receives weekly classes in a school in our city called leku skate house and has also received some intensive courses and classes in other places.
Although where she enjoys and learns the most is when we go skating with her friends, since between them they exchange tricks and help each other.