Lexy Cassell


Lexy Cassell is a multitalented and accomplished performer that has been entertaining fans with her musical styling and skateboarding skills since the age of 8. She has a dynamic on-stage presence and delivers an energetic performance.
 Lexy has performed for Billy Joel at a private concert and can be seen performing at many local venues across Long Island. 
 Influenced by Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Paramore and Pink she plays a blend of pop/rock fusion.
 As well as music, Lexy has been a sponsored skater since the age of 13. Throughout her years of skating, she has entered many contests, and her love and passion for skateboarding kept growing with her. 
 As of August 2020, one of her skating videos went viral where she pretended it was “her first day of skateboarding” then pulled out a kickflip body varial. With her growing fanbase, she continued with her passion and love for skating by posting videos, and also finding other female skaters just like her, with the same raw passion, for skating within the community.